Logo files


  • Original logo file was using the GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP; http://www.gimp.org/).
  • The logo includes the original Juszak Realty “house icon” and uses the “Candela Book” font (http://www.dafont.com/candela.font).
  • The full-color/full-resolution logo uses three colors on a transparent background; which includes black (RGB: #000000), a darker green (RGB: #006600), and a bright yellow (RGB: #ffff00).

Download link: Juszak-Realty-Logo-19112201 (zip archive with various formats and sizes)

Yard sign files, 14440X10800, v13-0306-01

Original yard sign file was created in GIMP and uses the Juszak Realty logo. The preferred/intended file for use is the PNG formatted file. However, we have converted the yard sign to other formats as well (JPEG, PDF, and SVG provided here for convenience; other formats available upon request). These are large files intended for high-resolution printing and some image viewing software may have trouble opening them due to the image size (especially on older computers). We recommend you right click on the file and save to computer. If you are sending these files for printing, your may find it more convenient to just send the URL of this page (www.juszakrealty.com/graphics). This way, the user/printer of the file may be able to choose the file format that works best for them. Again, we can provide in other formats if needed.

Download link: Juszak-Realty-Yard-Sign-v13-0306-01 (zip archive with various formats and sizes)

Icon files v13-0815-01

Original Juszak Realty “house icon” was created using GIMP (by Chris Juszak). Various sizes provided for convenience. All files below are in PNG format.

Download link: Juszak-Realty-Icon-v13-0815-01 (zip archive with various formats and sizes)

Website header, transparent (click thumbnail):


Website header, normal (click thumbnail):


Website header, white background, jpeg format(click thumbnail):


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